With cell phones in nearly all of our pockets and affordable digital cameras readily available, we’re all taking more photos. Because our device’s memory stores are so large, it’s easy to take a huge number of pictures. It’s also easy to forget about them. The wealth of photos stored on phones and cameras is much like the shoeboxes full of prints tucked away in the closet under the stairs. But what to do with all of them?

I can help! My specialty is organizing your photo chaos and turning it into gorgeous, high quality photo books chronicling your life.

The process is simple. First we gather together all your pictures from cameras, phones, computers and elsewhere. I’ll sort through them all, organize them, then go through them, month by month, and pull out the best of best, creating your photo book along the way. When I’m done you can preview the book and we can change anything you don’t like. When you’re satisfied we’ll send it off to the printer and a little while later your brand new book will be in your hands.

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